Order before midnight on December 14th to be delivered by December 24th.

For the items of our Pure photo collection (album, calendar, flippo,...) Foto.com develops exclusively on Kodak paper, a well-known quality brand. For more information, follow the link.

For books, cards and schoolbooks, our technicians use thick paper and specific compositions to guarantee high quality prints. The ink used ensures natural and brilliant colours.

The calibration and the maintenance of our printers is rigorously carried out by our technicians in order to guarantee a stable and reliable production flow, just one indication of our commitment to quality.

The complexity and the high level of finishing of this range of products justifies our attention to detail, the perpetual training of our technicians and the commitment of our Quality Department.

At each step of the manufacturing, there is a systematic inspection of the different parts of an order. If the highest standards are not met, immediate action is taken to guarantee a customer's satisfaction.

A first inspection of all items is carried out before the final quality check by our Quality Department.

A systematic control is put in place so that each finished item is of the highest standard. Our numerous inspection checkpoints have been created in accordance with the complexity and the extra care needed for an item. Our quality inspectors have a thorough and detailed eye which provides special treatment for each item. It's only after this last quality control that the items are packaged and sent out.

If problems are encountered, real time corrective measures are put in place to optimize the working process. This guarantees the consistently high quality levels of the printed photos.

Rigid packaging : Designed to protect the items while weighing the least amount possible in order to lower transportation costs and our environmental impact.

Recycled Package : All other orders are delivered in 100% biodegradable cardboard boxes. The packaging is perfect for composting and so it can form part of the natural process of waste regeneration.