Order before midnight on December 14th to be delivered by December 24th.

FujifilmFOTO.com makes prints on FujifFilm Photo Finishing Paper. It is the most widely recognized brand name in photography and is synonymous with high quality, reliable products. You have the choice between two types of paper: classic Fuji Crystal Archive Paper® matt or glossy finish (207µ et 210 gr/m²²) and thicker PRO Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Supreme® in gloss finish (226µ et 238 gr/m²)

FOTO.com has chosen the industry leading Fuji Frontier Minilabs for their unmatched printing quality.

Weekly : "Control Strip" tests are carried out on each minilab in partnership with Kodak.
These tests allow us to optimize the calibration of the machines. Daily : 4 "Upkeep" tests are performed on each minilab at regular intervals :
These tests allow us to ensure that the calibration for all orders remains within range at all times of day and night.

Regular Quality Check-Ups :

Automatic Control : Planned inspection of our "quality checkpoints" by our photo printing technicians.

Quality Inspection : Our Quality Department regularly inspects measured quota samples. This detailed inspection provides us with a simultaneous evaluation of our automatic control system together with the output quality of the printed photos.

If problems are encountered, real time corrective measures are put in place to optimize the working process. This guarantees the consistently high quality levels of the printed photos.

The weekly maintenance involves changing all filters (for chemical circulation, chemical regeneration and airways) and the deep cleaning of the racks (for paper movement) to avoid “sticky” chemistry and damaging the prints as they go through. We ensure attention to the finest detail, even down to using a toothbrush, so we can be assured this work is done perfectly.

The packaging has been specially designed and fine-tuned to protect and preserve our content, whilst minimizing weight to decrease energy costs and transport charges.

Hard Package : Our new hard packages have been designed with the specific aim of being reusable for both photo and other purposes. They are especially good for photo storage and provide all the protection needed against dust and humidity. They are made from recycled material and are intended to minimize environmental impact.

Recycled Package : All other orders are delivered in 100% biodegradable cardboard boxes. The packaging is perfect for composting and so it can form part of the natural process of waste regeneration.